The Humble Solar Panel


It’s great that the Philippines only has two seasons, the wet and the dry. Some people would like it if the weather were more in between, but most of the time, it’s either a searing hot day or a gloomy, rainy one. The dry season happens from March to May, when students are on summer vacation and people are out and about doing outdoor activities and hanging out at the beach. The wet season or the rainy season happens from June to November; when it rains almost non-stop and about 20 typhoons enter the country. However, the sun never fails to shine on the Filipinos. This is why solar panels in the Philippines are a great investment. The tropical climate allows for a lot of sunlight, which automatically means that there will never be a want for a source of solar power. This has its perks – not only will electricity bills drop, but solar power adopters can even sell the power they generate if they have a surplus.

What are solar panels, anyway?

Solar panels are also called photovoltaic cells. What these grids do is convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight shines on them, they absorb the cells, and chemical and physical changes happen to make sunlight turn into electricity. This electricity then travels to a battery or the home’s electric grid for it to be consumed. Since MERALCO allows those with solar panels installed to sell energy, the energy sold will be credited to the next bill of the user.

What can we get from solar panels?

Solar energy is important to mankind because the sun is a sustainable, green, and reliable source of energy. With its power, it is a great source for homes and businesses worldwide. Fossil fuels are finite; hence the reason why people should start embracing alternative energy sources like the water, wind, and of course, the sun. Research also indicates that fossil fuels are one of the main causes of global warming thanks to the harmful emissions they produce that deplete the Earth’s ozone layer, which furthers our reason to move away from our dependence on them.

Using solar panels has proven itself to have many benefits. Some of them are:

  • The energy that solar panels harvest is sustainable and renewable. This means tht we will not run out of it anytime soon. According to science, the sun will eventually burn out but it is not due to do so for the next 5 billion years. This indicates 5 billion years’ worth of renewable energy, enough for the next generations.
  • Solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance. Once they are installed, all they need is a checkup every year to ensure they are in working order. If they are in maximum condition, solar panels are known to last until 25 years and, depending on the company, have at least 20 years of warranty.
  • Solar panels produce no noise when converting solar energy into electricity. You can go on with your usual business and not be disturbed as the solar panels do their job. Also, solar panels don’t produce carbon emissions. This makes solar panels a part of the solutions for global warming pollution.
  • With the continual advancements in technology, solar panels are more efficient and cheaper. Since they can be bought at reasonable prices, more people can now turn the green way of living.

What is the future of solar panels?

Technology and innovation evolves and transpires with time. As such, there will always be great advancements when it comes to the science behind solar panels and its role in our everyday lives. Solar powered cars, bags, lights, and a multitude of other gadgets are currently in development from different manufacturers these days. The shift is palpable, and the possibilities are endless – so what are you waiting for? Join in and invest today!