Fighting Global Warming One Panel at a Time


The green movement has now become more prevalent than ever. In an effort to save the planet and all those who live in it from the heavy environmental disasters that have devastated the world in recent years, governments and authoritative bodies from all around the world are currently pushing for long – term green sustainability. This also affects the Philippines; the price of solar panels, environmentally-friendly materials, and energy efficient electrical equipment is reaching its best point.

About Global Warming

Both global warming and climate change are effects of man’s nonchalance to the consequences of their actions in the name of advancement and progress. The effects of using coal, oil, and gas power plants to power the cities, and of course the emissions of the millions of cars used by people around the world, is no longer negligible as these continue to deposit greenhouse emissions that only continue to warm the Earth.

Global warming is the effect that comes with the atmosphere having considerable levels of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) or nitrous oxide (N2O)), an abundance of which results in the average temperature of Earth’s surface to increase. On the other hand, climate change is more geared towards the long term –  it is the permanent side-effect of global warming wherein the climate of the Earth in some region changes permanently. Both of them are what’s causing the alarming changes in the Earth’s environmental behavior, most of which have turned for the worse.

The term global warming was first used in 1975 in a science article by Wallace Broecker, a geochemist from the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University. The title of the article was “Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?”

Global warming: cause and effect

However, back then it did not catch on because even though scientists believed that humans could cause climate change, they didn’t know what direction it would take and which would overpower the other. For one, aerosols from industrial emissions might cause some cooling, while greenhouse emissions might cause warming. It was also known as “inadvertent climate modification,” but that term was dropped in 1979 when the National Academy of Science published an article about the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate, saying that if carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere continued to rise, there would be no reason for them to doubt that it will result in climate change.

The change in temperature isn’t the only effect of global warming, either. Such natural imbalance will also cause changes to expected patterns of precipitation and sea levels and those have more severe impacts on humans.

Since people all around the world are now taking active, preventive measures in order to keep the potentially dangerous temperature rises at bay, green technology’s popularity is definitely reaching new heights. Investments in renewable energy have skyrocketed; that allows our world’s current scarce resources to stay itself for a little longer while renewable technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, or hydro power pick up some of the slack.

Utilizing solar power

One of the most popular and the easiest to adapt is solar power, which utilizes the power of the sun and continually turns its heat into usable electricity. It functions on the science of photovoltaics. With the continuous rays of the sun always shining, people will never want for more. This holds especially true for those who reside in more tropical climates.

The Philippines is situated near the equator and this means that it receives almost 12 hours of sunlight every day, and it would be a shame not to convert all of that sunlight into energy. It would be a great investment to acquire solar panels to use for the home, as it can help control the energy consumption and not rely on the expensive electricity provided by the national grid. Solar panels produce no kind of harmful emissions, as there is no fuel being burned to generate electricity. It can also reduce the cost of energy consumption as the home is only connected and consuming electricity from the grid at night, when there is no sunlight.

Meralco has also implemented a Net Metering Program, which means that households that rely on solar energy to power their homes during the day can sell the excess electricity generated by their solar panels. The excess energy put back in the grid from the solar panels is credited from their bill, further lowering their energy costs. This is to comply with the Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

More and more people are looking into investing in solar panels, not just for large companies, but also for homes. It’s a long term investment that will benefit the homeowner, their neighbors, and so much more, the entire world. Those who want to install solar panels in their homes can look forward to joining the fight to stop global warming.