How to Make a Mini Solar Car

  If you’re trying to think of a good science project and you live in a country where the sun doesn’t stop shining like the Philippines, then a solar panel and few cheap materials is all you need! With these you can create your own mini solar car. Here is how you do it:   Materi... [...]

Why You Should Build a Green Building

It’s time we all realized that we should be more sensitive on how we treat our environment - and the earth as a whole. We are, after all, the main cause of the degradation and pollution of the environment. We’re the ones who constantly pollute the waters (not just with waste and chemicals, but a... [...]

The Impending Fall of Non-Renewable Energy Sources

  With the introduction of alternative energy sources and the reduction of solar panel prices in the Philippines, our country is on its way to being powered by renewable energy. In fact, several establishments in our country have become green businesses in many ways, including in terms o... [...]